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Refunds and cancellation policy 

Only those who can provide proof of a positive corona virus test, and those facing extreme circumstances (which will be examined on a case by case basis) will be able to apply for a refund. If attendees apply for a refund due to poor weather conditions, refunds will not be issued unless the weather turns extreme and the event is cancelled. For queries about tickets or refunds contact

Food Allergen Information

Cakes may contain nuts or may have been prepared around nuts. A gluten or dairy free option will not be available for this event, it is up to the attendee to decide whether they still wish to take part if they have any dietary or allergy requirements. Some more information will be provided closer to the event however, is up to the discretion and responsiblity of the attendee if they decide to take part in the event or not.

General Terms and Conditions

Final starting time for the trail will be 2.30pm, attendees must have registered by 2.30pm in order to complete the trail before the cafes close by 4pm. It is up to the responsibility of the attendee to ensure they complete the trail before 4pm as no more cake will be handed out after this time.


Purchasing one booklet entitles you to one slice of cake per checkpoint, you must present your booklet at each checkpoint to be stamped, where you will receive your slice of cake (it is suggested to buy one booklet per person). Failure to show your booklet to a volunteer at a checkpoint will result in you not receiving your cake.


After visiting all stops on the trail attendees should hand their score card to a volunteer at a checkpoint, to participate in voting for the People's Choice Baker of Shrewsbury 2022 attendees must have visited all locations on the trail before submitting their votes - otherwise these votes will not be counted.


If there are any corona virus measures at the time of the event (e.g. masks or social distancing) attendees will be expected to follow any current guidelines. If social distancing is required there will be measures introduced in the event to reflect this. If the event has to be cancelled due to corona virus guidelines refunds will be issued in this case.

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